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Carpet Cleaning Oakland, CA

Keeping your office's carpet clean and presentable is usually quite easy.  Most offices line their floor with a commercial or industrial grade carpet.  This type of carpet is built a bit stronger than the more comfortable grade carpet you would find in a home or apartment.  Commercial grade carpet is designed to allow shoes to walk over it without an immediate risk of wear and tear or staining.  And for the most part, stains come out of commercial carpet rather easily.  Regardless, a regular cleaning for your work area is recommended to keep your company's office looking professional and clean.  But because of all the reasons above, we generally charge less money for these cleanings.  We find it's fair since the commercial grade carpet cleans rather easily and commercial/office jobs are often larger than the typical one bedroom apartment.

We are available seven days a week, so we can easily clean your office's carpet on the weekends when nobody's around to walk on it when it's clean or we can come after everybody's left at the end of the day.

If your office is particularly large, an exact quote may be necessary.  We're also available to come out to measure the square footage for you and schedule an appointment at the same time.

Even with daily vacuuming and spot cleaning, most carpets need a periodic, thorough carpet cleaning to keep them looking their best. That's where we come in! Whether it's a reception area rug or an entire facility of commercial carpet, our professional, trained professionals are up for the job. Our fleet of carpet cleaners includes a unit for every situation imaginable. At Extreme Janitorial, we use portable units for high-rise jobs; spotting units for smaller jobs and even truck mount machines for heavily soiled carpets.