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3 Surprising Benefits of High-rise Window Cleaning

Almost every major city in the Bay Area has them: enormous, tall buildings that stretch high into the clouds on those classic overcast days. Whether they’re home to luxury apartments or corporate cubicles, every skyscraper is only as good as its maintenance, especially when it comes to high-rise window cleaning.

Though the prospect of window cleaning services may seem like a small factor in the grand scheme of complex building management, it plays a role far more vital than most imagine. So, in this article, we’ll review its important purpose and detail some surprising benefits.

1. It Boosts Productivity

Have you ever sat down at a desk to work and struggled to maintain your focus? If so, was the surrounding area perfectly clean, or was it cluttered and dirty? Chances are, it was the latter — and the reason why you weren’t as productive as normal.

Believe it or not, but research proves the cleanliness of our environment has a direct impact on how productive we are during a work or study session.

Not only that, but it could also play a part in anxiety and stress levels, as well as overall wellbeing.

As such, those commercial cleaning services you hire once a month to clean your building do more than keep the location looking pretty. Though that’s still a priority, these essential workers are also ensuring your high-rise doesn’t impact concentration levels for residents.

2. It Maintains Property Value and Reputation

Though we might not want to admit it, our society immediately judges everything it comes across based on physical appearance. Whether it’s regarding a love interest, a restaurant, or an apartment complex, we make instant assumptions off nothing but how it — or they — look.

So, think about those skyscrapers you see downtown. Do they appear luxurious, or just claim to be? If the answer to that is “yes”, they’ve invested in high-rise window cleaning to ensure the building’s exterior accurately reflects what can be found within. By doing so, they’re maintaining the structure’s good reputation and preventing its value from decreasing.

3. It Requires Highly Skilled Professionals

To put it simply, the window cleaning services industry isn’t for everyone. From the need to reach astounding physical heights to precise manual labor, this job requires skilled professionals who can fulfill expectations on-time, effectively, and — most importantly — safely.

Like most commercial cleaning services, the requirements behind high-rise window cleaning cannot be completed by just anyone. After all, imagine trying to do it yourself! To keep the beautiful buildings located throughout the Bay Area shimmering, they need a team of qualified professionals to make it happen.

Looking for Window Cleaning Services?

Now that you know a little more about high-rise window cleaning, you’re probably eager to hire someone to keep that exterior as clean as the first day it was built.

Well, you’ve come to the right place: Extreme Janitors is the only provider you need for window cleaning services of any kind. Clients who’ve trusted our skills in the past include DHL, AC Transit, Webpass by Google, Habitat for Humanity, and more!

Ready to get started? Contact us today to learn more.


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