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Pressure Washing

Even with regular cleaning services, many hard surfaces develop deep down dirt that can damage your facility overall look. Our skilled pressure washing crews can restore your company's sidewalks, building exterior or industrial flooring. In less time than you might expect, our professional-grade pressure washers can remove that deep down grime to reveal a cleaner, newer-looking surface—and save you the high cost of resurfacing or replacement.

We customize our job specifications, equipment use, and schedules to suit your specific pressure washing needs, ensuring that your surfaces are clean and safe, and that the surface lifetime is maximized.

Extreme Janitorial power washing clients enjoy important service details that include:

  • Proper pre-soaking of surfaces using the appropriate chemicals and proper chemical dilution
  • Use of the appropriate washing tips and nozzles for the job
  • Attentive brushing and rinsing of all surface areas
  • Locally-based service teams
  • Uniformed, punctual janitorial personal
  • Ability to request as-needed services, such as floor work or carpet cleans
  • 24-hour communication with our Operations team, as well as periodic on-site inspections
  • Flexibility to modify cleaning specifications based on your changing needs
  • Industry-leading equipment and cleaning systems

With big company resources, and a small company feel, Extreme Janitorial isn’t just different – we are better.

Our commitment to our customers means that you can choose Extreme Janitorial and get back to work.